Privacy Policy

All information entered onto RSGoldBomb is kept safe and secure to the fullest extent within reason. Information we collect will never be released or sold to third-parties. Any information related to credit card numbers, bank account numbers or PayPal accounts are entered into G2Apay and aren’t shared with us. RSGoldBomb cannot see any of your payment details besides your name and address. If we are not online when an order is placed your order may be refunded, or you will have the option to get 5% more gold when we’re online again. All orders that have been delivered are FINAL, we give zero refunds for delivered RS gold and accounts.¬†We care about your privacy as a gamer and would never compromise our ethics to make a quick buck.

Your private information will only be shared to third-parties in the event of fraud. If you charge back a payment your information may be shared with law enforcement and your respective bank or payment processor. RSGoldBomb will go above and beyond to find and lawfully prosecute anyone who tries to defraud RSGoldBomb or any of our partners and affiliates.