Got Questions? We have answers. 

Who are we?

MMOearn is the worlds largest provider of free RuneScape gold and membership. We also deliver free League of Legends and World of Warcraft items but RuneScape is our main business. Since early 2016 MMOearn has delivered over 6,000 orders to thousands of RuneScape players. Over the course of the last two years we have perfected our customer service to the highest levels of quality and satisfaction. We have taken our experience in in-game delivery and expanded into selling OSRS gold, RS3 gold and RuneScape accounts with RSGoldBomb!

How Can I Pay?

After confirming your order on the Cart page you will be redirected to our many payment options.

RSGoldBomb uses G2Apay to accept any and all payments. We will not accept any payment from you unless it’s through G2Apay. Partnering with G2Apay allows us to offer over 100 different ways to pay in over 10 currencies. No matter where you live, RSGoldBomb can accept your payment quickly so you can get to enjoying RuneScape.

Do I Need My ID Or A Receipt?

Absolutely not. We strive to have the fastest gold buying experience around, this would only slow us down and violate your privacy.

G2Apay may ask you to verify a phone number or e-mail address at checkout.

How Long Does Delivery Take?

If you see our live chat is set to “Online” and the amount you purchased is less then our listed stock, your order will be delivered the second your payment is confirmed. Payments can take 1-30 minutes to confirm depending how you chose to pay. PayPal and Credit/Debit cards generally confirm instantly. Payments such as Bitcoin, can take 30 minutes to confirm.

If you place your order and we are offline, we guarantee delivery within 24 hours. If after 24 hours we were not able to make a trade with you your payment will be automatically refunded.

If you placed an order for a RuneScape account your account will be delivered instantly if we are online. If we are offline refer to the line above.

Is My Payment Information Kept Safe?

RSGoldBomb cannot view your payment details. The details we see are: e-mail, country, IP address and your payment method. G2Apay (our payment processor) is a registered UK company worth in excess of $1 Billion and handles all transactions. Your payment information is as safe as it can possibly be on the internet.


Where Is RSGoldBomb Based?

RSGoldBomb is based in the United States of America, specifically Ohio. We have live chat operators located in the USA, UK and Australia. We are not a Chinese sweat shop like many other sites.


My Order Was Rejected?

G2Apay insures no fraud is being committed against RSGoldBomb through various verification methods. If your payment has failed it’s probably because you didn’t follow their verification process, such as entering a text message or phone call code. Another common reason is the use of a VPN, Proxy or some other software used to hide your true identity or location. Please follow all of G2Apay’s verification requirements carefully.

How Likely Am I To Be Banned?

In nearly two years, 6,000+ orders and tens of billions worth of RuneScape gold deliveries we have not yet received one complaint about being banned.

Real World Trading (RWT) bans generally only happen to people who buy a lot of gold, 1 billion or more.

How Do I Contact You?

The easiest way is to use our live chat, located in the bottom right of every page.

Alternatively you can visit the Contact Us page for all communication methods.